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In consideration for us to enter into this lease contract with the residents, as a covenant, you guarantee all obligations of resident(s) under the lease contract, including, but not limited to: rent, late fees, property damage, repair costs, lease violation charges, utility payments and charge backs, and any other sums which may become due under the lease agreement.

You agree that your obligations as guarantor will continue and will not be affected by amendments, modifications, roommate changes or deletions, or renewals in the lease contract, which may be agreed from time to time between resident(s), and us. If we, or the owner of the property, delay or fail to exercise lease rights, pursue remedies, gives notice to you, or makes demands to you, as guarantor, you will not consider it as a waiver of our rights against you as the guarantor. All of our remedies against the residents apply to the guarantor as well. All residents, guarantors, and spouses of guarantors are equally responsible and severally liable under the lease agreement. It is not necessary for us to sue or exhaust remedies against residents in order for you to be liable. The guaranty is part of the lease contract and shall be upheld in the county where the dwelling is located.

You represent that all the information provided by you on cosigner application is true and complete. You authorize verification of such information via consumer reports, rental history reports, criminal reports, and any other means. A facsimile signature by you on this guaranty will be just as binding as the original signature. It is not necessary for you as a guarantor to sign the lease contract itself or to be named in the lease contract. We do however, recommend that you request a copy of the lease contract and read it. This lease guaranty applies even if you choose not to do so.

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